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Bruker Atomic Force/Magnetic Force Microscope (BAFM)

Bruker AXS Dimension Icon Atomic/Magnetic Force Microscope with ScanAsyst

Located in PRB 1159
  1. Vibration isolation and sound proof enclosure for low noise operation
  2. Closed loop scanner with scan range 90 µm x 90 µm
  3. Z sensor noise level (closed-loop) of 35 pm RMS typical in imaging bandwidth of 625 Hz
  4. Easy sample positioning with 5-megapixel digital camera with digital zoom and motorized focus
Modes of operation include:
  1. Atomic Force Microscopy (AFM) mode
  2. Magnetic Force Microscopy (MFM) mode
  3. PeakForce Quantitative Nanomechanical Property Mapping (PF-QNM) mode
  4. Scanned Capacitance Microscopy (SCM) mode
  5. Spatially resolved electrical characterization mode