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Become an NSL User

Only certified persons are allowed to use the research equipment and facilities at NSL. There are several things users need to do before they are given access to the labs. All new users must complete steps 1-3 (and step 4 for those planning to perform chemical operations at NSL.)

1. Submit Your User Form

Every user must complete a user form; the user form should be submitted to Christine Prechtel when it is complete. The form can be submitted by email, a hard copy can be placed in Christine's mailbox in PRB room 1040 or turned in to Christine directly at her desk on the second floor bridge in the PRB. For internal users (OSU users), please fill the erequest number under the chartfield section of the user form. Failing to provide an erequest number for the associated chartfield might lead to delay in processing of the user form.

If your PI has no other students currently at NSL, they will need to submit this PI form in addition to your user form. PIs do not need to resubmit this form if another one of their students wants to become an NSL user.

If you are an external user (non-OSU), please fill out this external user form.

2. Complete Online Trainings

All users are required to complete online safety trainings from the OSU Office of Environmental Health and Safety Website. You can log in with your OSU username and password. The required courses are:

  1. Chemical Safety
  2. Chemical Spill Cleanup
  3. Electrical Safety
  4. Fume Hood Safety
  5. Hazard Communication
  6. Lab Standard Training
  7. Building Emergency Action Plan (BEAP)
  8. Personal Protective Equipment
  9. Hydrofluoric Acid
  10. Laser Safety
  11. Radiation Safety Short Course

To access the trainings on EHS's website, go to your training homepage and select an area from the drop down list at the bottom. Once you select an area, a new drop down menu should appear to the right. The actual training courses are listed here. All of NSL's required trainings can be found in the Research Safety area and the Occupational Health & Safety area.

In the upper right of your training page on EHS's website, you can download a pdf of your training report. Please submit a training report with the above trainings completed to Christine Prechtel. Certificates can be submitted by email, hard copies can be placed in Christine's mailbox in PRB room 1040 or turned in to Christine directly at her desk on second floor bridge in the PRB.

3. Schedule Instrument Training

Before being granted access to equipment, users must be trained and certified by a member of our staff. Contact the appropriate training contact listed below to schedule training.

If you want to be trained on multiple instruments, you do not need to submit a new user form each time. Simply schedule training.


Training Contact

Atomic Force/Magnetic Force Microscopes (AFM/MFM) Camelia Selcu
Clean Room Christine Prechtel
Organic Clean Room Christine Prechtel
Diamond Chemical Vapor Deposition System (CVD) Camelia Selcu
Electron Paramagnetic Resonance Spectrometer (EPR) Denis Pelekhov*
Focused Ion Beam/Scanning Electron Microscope (FIB/SEM) Denis Pelekhov*
Lab-18 Sputtering System Christine Prechtel
Langmuir-Blodgett Trough (LBT) Christine Prechtel
Low Temperature Magneto Transport Measurement System (LTMT) Christine Prechtel
Magneto-Optical Kerr Effect Microscope (MOKE) Denis Pelekhov*
Maskless Aligner Christine Prechtel
Metal Evaporator Christine Prechtel
Organic Evaporator Christine Prechtel
Physical Property Measurement System (PPMS) Denis Pelekhov*
Solvent Glove Box Christine Prechtel
Spinner Christine Prechtel
SQUID Magnetometer Camelia Selcu
Wire Bonder Denis Pelekhov*
X-Ray Diffractometer (XRD) Denis Pelekhov*
Zeiss Optical Microscope Camelia Selcu

*Contact Christine Prechtel to schedule training with Denis Pelekhov.

4. Clean Room Users

This step is necessary if you plan on performing a chemical procedure within the clean room, or if you want to be trained on the maskless aligner.

Those who plan to perform chemical procedures in the NSL clean room or who wish to be trained on the maskless aligner will need to complete a safe operating procedure (SOP) write-up detailing the chemical operation to be performed. Please use this SOP form.

Please submit the completed SOP via email or in person to Christine Prechtel. The write-up cannot be copied from another user.