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NanoSystems Laboratory

NSL Policies

Failure to comply with these policies may result in loss of access to NSL facilities.


  1. No food or drinks in the labs.
  2. Do not apply lotion, or anything similar, which could cause absorption of chemicals through the skin.
  3. Appropriate personal protective equipment must be worn at all times.
  4. Users may not bring chemicals into the lab without prior approval from the NSL director.
  5. Users must properly dispose of all chemical waste.
  6. Do not dump any substance down the drains, except for water.
  7. Only NSL staff may handle gas cylinders and dewars.
  8. Users must complete all online safety trainings through OSU's Office of Environmental Health and Safety Website before using NSL's facilities. More information can be found here.

Equipment Damage Prevention

  1. Only authorized users may operate instruments or equipment. Authorized users can only operate the instruments and equipment on which they have been authorized.
  2. No food or drinks in the labs.
  3. Do not remove NSL property from the labs.
  4. No bicycles in the labs.
  5. No pets in the labs.
  6. NSL personnel and manufacturer technicians have priority access to all instruments and equipment.

Log Sheets

  1. In order to be billed correctly, users must sign in on the log sheets every time they use an instrument or piece of equipment or enter the Clean Room.


  1. Yearly Facilities Access fee is assessed at the end of every fiscal year.
  2. Yearly Facilities Access fee is for facilities other than clean room.
  3. Prices and policies can be changed without notice.


  1. Squid use is limited to 3 days if other users are waiting.
  2. The SQUID schedule is frequently subject to delays.
  3. Users cannot give their scheduled time to another user without informing NSL staff.
  4. Users should inform NSL staff if their measurements finish early or if they cannot finish within their scheduled time.
  5. NSL regularly operates only one SQUID at a time. Users may bypass the schedule and cool down NSL's second SQUID with permission from NSL staff, but they will be responsible for the entire cost of a tank of liquid helium. This cost can be split with other users if they wish to use NSL's second SQUID as well.


  1. PPMS use is limited to 3 days per PI/group if other users are waiting.

Clean Room

  1. Users who wish to use chemicals within NSL's clean room must complete a safe operating procedures write-up and complete chemical safety training with an NSL staff member. More information can be found here.
  2. Protective eyewear must be worn at all times when handling any chemicals.