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Lab-18 Sputtering System

Kurt J. Lesker Co. Lab 18 Thin Film Deposition System

Located in the NSL cleanroom, PRB 0115/0117
  1. Three 3” sputtering sources and one 6-pocket e-beam evaporator in the same deposition chamber
  2. RF and DC sputtering capabilities
  3. Two process gases: Argon and Oxygen
  4. Substrate cleaning with RF plasma
  5. Sample substrate heating up to 1100° C during deposition
  6. Optimized for sputter deposition of magnetic metals and/or oxides followed by coating with a precious metal (gold, platinum) using e-beam deposition
  7. Rapid turn-around operation with a load lock
  8. Aggressive substrate cleaning and sample ion milling with a collimated Kauffman & Robinson KDC-40 ion source installed in the load lock
  9. Installed in clean room environment
Available sputter targets:
  1. Aluminum (Al)
  2. Cobalt (Co)
  3. Cobalt/Iron (Co/Fe)
  4. Copper (Cu)
  5. Copper/Nickel (Cu/Ni)
  6. Iron (Fe)
  7. Niobium (Nb)
  8. Nickel (Ni)
  9. Nickel/Iron (Ni/Fe)
  10. Silicon Dioxide (SiO2)
  11. Tin (Sn)
  12. Tungsten (W)
Available e-beam materials:
  1. Aluminum (Al)
  2. Chromium (Cr)
  3. Cobalt (Co)
  4. Germanium (Ge)
  5. Gold-Germanium (AuGe)
  6. Gold (Au) - $0.50/nm
  7. Iron (Fe)
  8. Magnesium-Oxide (MgO)
  9. Nickel (Ni)
  10. Palladium (Pd)
  11. Permalloy (Py)
  12. Platinum (Pt) - $0.65/nm
  13. Silver (Ag)
  14. Tantalum (Ta)
  15. Titanium (Ti)