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NanoSystems Laboratory


These rates are offered to University staff, faculty and students as well as researchers with State and Federal funding. Private industry rates are generally double the rates listed below and are available upon request.

Instrument/Lab Use Rate Cap
Atomic Force/Magnetic Force Microscope (AFM) $8/hr  
Bruker Atomic Force Microscope (BAFM) $16.50/hr  
Box Furnace (KSL 1800X) - rate 1 $20/day 1600° maximum temperature
Box Furnace (KSL 1800X) - rate 2 $40/day 1700° maximum temperature
Chemical Vapor Deposition System (CVD) $20/hr  
Clean Room $18/day $90/month
Critical Point Dryer $6.85/cycle
Electron Paramagnetic Resonance Spectrometer (EPR) $10/hr
Focused Ion Beam/Scanning Electron Microscope (FIB/SEM) $58/hr
Glove Box Rent $33.33/day
Tube Furnace $0.25/hr
Graphene Furnace (New) TBA
High Temperature Furnace (GSL 2000X) $100/day
Lab-18 Sputtering System $20/hr
Lab-18 Deposition - Au Consumption $0.60/nm  
Lab-18 Deposition - Pt Consumption $1.00/nm  
Langmuir-Blodgett Trough (LBT) $5/hr  
Laurell Spinner $0/hr  
Low Temperature Magneto Transport Measurement System (LTMT) $2.50/hr  
Magneto-Optical Kerr Effect Microscope (MOKE) $1/hr  
Maskless Aligner $16/hr  
Metal Evaporator $22.50/hr  
Metal Evaporator - Au Consumption $0.60/nm  
Metal Evaporator - Pt Consumption $1.00/nm  
Olympus Optical Microscope $0/hr  
Organic Clean Room $30/day $150/month
Organic Evaporator $22.50/hr  
Optical Probe Station $50/day
14T Physical Properties Measurement System (PPMS) $5.50/hr  
Physical Properties Measurement System (PPMS) LHe Consumption $33/% of level  
Polisher/Grinder $5/hr
Reactive Ion Etch System (RIE) $30/hr
SQUID Magnetometer $3.50/hr  
SQUID LHe Consumption $23/% of level  
Wire Bonder $10/hr  
X-ray Diffractometer (XRD) $25/hr
Zeiss Optical Microscope $0/hr


Training and Contract Work Rate
Conducted by Senior Personnel $90/hour


Other Charges Rate
No show for scheduled training Half of hourly rate for training
No show for instrument reservation (PPMS, FIB/SEM, LAB-18) 75% of reservation
Insufficient use of instrument reservation (PPMS, FIB/SEM, LAB-18) 75% of reservation or total depending on use
Small supplies (e.g. AFM tips, PPMS Pucks, etc.) Available upon request at NSL service desk



  1. SQUID use is limited to 3 days if other users are waiting
  2. PPMS use is limited to 3 days per PI/group if other users are waiting
  3. NSL capabilities not listed in the above rate schedule incur no usage charges
  4. Prices and policies subject to change without notice